How does your attorney bill time on your case?

What will I be billed for?

We bill you for time we spend working on your case. It’s important to know that the majority of legal work is done outside of a courtroom. This work includes, but is not limited to: research, drafting documents, communicating with other parties (if applicable) such at the opposing attorney, opposing party, or the court.

We also bill for our time on the phone and drafting or responding to emails. This is why we suggest that you schedule a time to speak with your attorney and make a list of the issues you would like to discuss. When you are speaking with your attorney, stick to those issues and don’t get sidetracked with unrelated issues. We recommend getting all of your questions and concerns into an email and sending that to your attorney or paralegal. Following this advice will save you money.

How do you bill?

Our attorneys and paralegals bill on a one tenth of an hour basis (6 minutes).   For instance, if you call your attorney and speak for 15 minutes, that represents .3 of an hour.  If your attorney rate is $325 per hour, the 15 minute phone call will cost you $97.50. 

Where is my money?

The retainer money that you have provided to The Law Office of D. Mathew Blackburn will be deposited into a coltaf or trust account at a licensed financial institution. When we invoice you for the time we have spent working on your case, the funds will be transferred from your trust account into our operating account. The money in the retainer is still yours until we perform services.

What happens when I run out of money in my retainer?

Generally, you will receive a request for additional retainer funds, however it is your responsibility to ensure that your attorney has the available funds to perform work for you. If you fail to replenish your retainer, your attorney will withdraw from your case within 7 days of the expiration of the request for replenishment.   

What happens if there is money left in my retainer account when my case ends or services are terminated by me or the firm?

The money in the retainer account remains yours until we perform services.  Once our services are terminated, by you or by us, any remaining funds in your trust account will be returned to you. At The Law Office of D. Mathew Blackburn it typically takes a minimum of 30 days to refund the balance of your retainer account to you. You will receive the remaining funds via check mailed to your address on file. We will confirm your address with you prior to mailing the check.