We Do Attorney Things: But Not Everything

We are very proud of the depth and breadth of service offerings we can provide for our clients. We enjoy working with people and helping them through their legal situations – sticky and messy situations do not bother us. We love researching and documentation, and we love making the process easy. Seriously! We love it.

Even though our slogan is “We Do Attorney Things”, we do have a list of case types we are not able to assist with. If you do have a legal situation in one of these areas, we can refer you to excellent attorneys who specialize in these areas, but we will not be able to take you on as a client.

  • Anything Criminal – we are not a defense oriented firm and will not be able to help you if you have a criminal case against you
  • Medical Malpractice – these cases are usually complicated and require a unique set of competencies and a bank of medical specialists on call and available
  • Personal Injury – we don’t perform any work in the personal injury area, including such situations as slip and fall, accidents, unintentional acts or defective products
  • Admiralty Law – we are not able to take on any cases involving boats or maritime law
  • Civil Rights Violations – this includes hate crimes, law enforcement misconduct, immigration cases, religious interference or slavery rings
  • Patents – while D. Mathew Blackburn does perform Trademark and Copyright law, we do not assist with the patent process
  • Employment – we don’t take on harassment or worker’s comp claims

We believe in doing what you do best and becoming an expert in many areas of the legal arena allows us to help our clients through difficult legal situations. Although we don’t do everything, we certainly have a track record of success with our clients. Again, if you are involved in a legal situation listed above, we are more than happy to refer  you to excellent local attorneys who can help.