Time for Divorce?

No one stands at the altar in front of a throng of friends and family and think that in five, ten or twenty years later you’d end up in an attorney’s office talk about divorce. Marriage starts with a commitment to make it last, but marriages are difficult and many are just not mentally prepared for the task. There’s no “guidebook” for a perfect marriage – what works for one couple may not work for another.

We’d like provide you with a checklist that clearly provides a set of criteria for when it’s time for divorce. People have come to us asking about whether or not they should divorce their spouse based of a set of situations, behaviors or occurrences. “Should I divorce my spouse?” is a common question we receive during an initial consultation and it’s one that we cannot answer for you.

You see, only you can decide if divorce is right for you. It’s a personal decision that can only be made by you. We are not like your doctor what listens to your “symptoms” and “prescribes” a solution based on what you describe. Divorce is an entirely personal, and emotional, decision.

We do offer this advice – if you are not in any physical danger and don’t need to make a radical change in order to keep you or your children out of harms way, then take a deep breath, pause for a moment, and consider your options. Divorce is a traumatic event in someone’s life – it will effect you, your spouse, your children, in-laws and friends. The ripple effect of divorce goes farther than you may be able to see at this moment. Consider how your decision will impact you and those around you.

If you’d like to schedule time to chat with us about your possible divorce, we are happy to help.