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We assist clients nationwide with IRS and state tax agency issues. Whether you need assistance with planning, compliance, or controversy we can assist you.


From startup to exit planning. We use technology to maximise our expertise to help you with your business matters.

Estate Planning

Now is the perfect time to plan for incapacity and wealth transfer. From wills to living trusts we can help you setup an estate plan that fulfills your needs and wiishes.
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Our company slogan is "We Do Attorney Things" and while numerous, it speaks volumes about what we do and how we help our customers. People usually talk to a lawyer when things go wrong, plans don't work out or you are hurt or damaged in some way. Rather than worry about what kind of attorney to hire, know that you can call us when you need legal protection. We have specific practice areas, but have a huge breadth of experience in all areas of law. When it is time to call an attorney but you don't know who to contact, contact us first. We can help you make a decision about your best next steps regarding legal representation, including referring you to experts who may be specialized for your specific case. Just remember that at the Law Offices of D.M. Blackburn, "We do attorney things!"

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Sometimes you know you owe tax to the IRS but because of your financial situation you just cannot pay the amount owed. One option you have available in this situation is referred to as currently not collectible status or CNC. If you can prove to the IRS that you cannot pay both your basic living […]


You some options. First verify their adjustment is correct. The people at the IRS don’t know everything and the vast majority can barely do their job. A huge part of my job is going to the IRS on behalf of my client and proving their position is incorrect and my client doesn’t owe any additional […]


What will I be billed for? We bill you for time we spend working on your case. It’s important to know that the majority of legal work is done outside of a courtroom. This work includes, but is not limited to: research, drafting documents, communicating with other parties (if applicable) such at the opposing attorney, […]