The Law Office of D. Mathew Blackburn

Practice Areas

Tax Return Preparation & Review

We draft and file current and prior year annual returns for businesses, individuals, and trusts.

We can also review returns for accuracy and planning opportunities.

Business Incorporation & Planning

We advise clients regarding Business formation and entity selection, mergers & acquisitions, trademark filings, reorganizations, contract drafting and review, as well as provide general advisory services.

We also serve as tax counsel to provide tax compliance review, tax planning, and tax controversy services.

Tax Controversy & Resolution

We provide full service tax representation in audits, adjustments, audit reconsiderations and Tax Court litigation.

We resolve amounts owed through payment plans, non collectible status, and offers in compromise.
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About Our Firm

The Law Office of D. Mathew Blackburn is a client focused firm that provides legal advice in easy to understand terms. We advise business owners and individuals in tax, business law, and estate planning. Whether you’re an owner looking for someone that speaks the language of business, or you’ve received an IRS or state revenue agency notice that is full of dense technical language, or you’re an individual looking for someone to explain how an estate plan can protect your family and legacy, we are here to help.

Latest News

Congress is poised to pass a once in a lifetime tax bill today. The last time a tax bill of this size was passed was 1986 (The Tax Reform Act of 1986) and practitioners still refer to Title 26 of the United States Code as the 1986 tax code. While the new 2017 tax bill […]


We come across many potential clients (and current clients) that ask us a multitude of questions about what their ex spouse can or cannot do after their divorce has been finalized. These questions usually arise in regards to their children. The best approach is this: Look at your Parenting Plan and/or Separation Agreement. These documents […]


“I need my taxes done, I think I need a CPA.” You could hire a CPA, especially if your tax return is pretty basic. There’s nothing really wrong with that. But let me ask you this, do you know what CPA stands for? A CPA is a certified public accountant. CPA does not equal tax […]